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Combination Screenings

The combination screening is a comprehensive screening consisting of both our heart and vascular, and cancer screenings. Heart and vascular, and cancer are the number one and number two killers respectively. This, by far, is our most popular screening not because of the price point, but because it is very detailed in its discovery of potential diseases.


Our combination screening is valued at around $13,000 if they were administered at your local hospital or clinic due to being symptomatic. With CardiOptics and this screening, it is only a fraction of the cost.

Our Screenings Include

CIMT Measurement

This test evaluates the inner lining of your arteries. Dysfunction of the inner lining of the arteries causes heart attacks and blockages. This test will tell your vascular age.

Carotid Artery Screening

Nearly 80% of all strokes are from carotid artery blockages. Our company evaluates these arteries for any blockages.

Peripheral Vascular Screening

Checks for poor circulation and athleroslcerosis in the arteries of the legs, which may also indicate an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.


The echocardiogram is a look inside the heart muscle. This exam detects any prior damage to the heart, heart valve defects, enlargement and any other physical defect of the heart.

Liver Scan

Evaluation of the liver by ultrasound will reveal damage and fatty liver. These things are reversible if caught in time, but fatty liver disease is linked to heart attacks.

AAA Scan

AAA stands for abdominal aortic aneurysm. The largest blood vessel in the body. This test looks for weak spots in the artery called aneurysms. The first symptom of a abdominal aneurysm usually is sudden death.

Thyroid Scan

This scan is used to detect abnormalities in the thyroid such as nodules, cysts, goiters, and tumors. This scan gives a lot of valuable information such as if a growth is fluid-filled or solid, the number of growths, where the growths are located, whether a growth has distinct boundaries, and if there is blood flow to the growth.

Pancreas Scan

This procedure is used to assess for pancreatic malignancy, pancreatitis and its complications, as well as for other pancreatic panthology.  This scan identifies conditions such as pancreatic necrosis, pancreatic abscess, pancreatic carcinoma, pancreatic endocrine tumors, and much more.

Gallbladder Scan

This scan assesses the gallbladder and bile ducts and detects any abnormalities. Among other things, the scan may show gallstones and also a blockage within the bile duct or gallbladder called cholecystitis.

Kidney Scan

Scanning of the kidneys will allow us to assess the size, shape, and location of the kidneys and related structures, such as the ureters and bladder. The scan can detect cysts, tumors, abscesses, obstructions, fluid collection, and infection within or around the kidneys.

Spleen Evaluation

Evaluation of the size, shape, texture, and vascularity of the spleen. This scan will allow us to see trauma, disease, and malignancy.

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