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Are you or your workforce at risk?

Although anyone may be at risk, there are many common risk factors such as...


Age • Alcohol • Cancer-causing Substances • Chronic Inflamation • Diet • Family History • Hormones
Immunosupressions • Infections Agents • Obesity • Radiation • Sunlight • Tobacco

Our Tests

  • They are completely pain free; no needles or blood. 

  • They require no clothes to be removed. 

  • They take as little as 20 minutes to administer. 

  • They provide confidential individual test results. 

  • They are administered by board-certified specialists.

Our Equipment

Our equipment is refreshed every 18 months to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology. Our equipment is more current and powerful than many healthcare institutions today. This assists us in detecting heart and vascular disease and cancer in the earliest stages possible to save lives.

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