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We value relationships.

CardiOptics values the relationships developed between our company and employers. We aren't a cattle call company or simply another vendor — our goal is to be your trusted partner in the safety and wellness endeavors of your company.


We work with many safety, wellness, and human resource departments nationwide to implement our services as a part of their overall program. Companies tell us often about their remarkable return on investment by being proactive versus reactive in regards to wellness of their employees thanks to our services. 

We save lives and give peace of mind.

If we catch even one person that is in the early stages of a disease and, for example, prevent a heart attack, the company will gain a healthcare savings of around $500,000. There's no dollar equivalent to saving a life.


Our team at CardiOptics will make sure our screening services fit the needs of your workforce.  If it's comes to scanning at midnight, we are there! Our goal is to make sure every person that wants the peace of mind gets an opportunity for our screenings. Let us customize a solution for your company.  

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