• Are completely pain-free.
  • Require no needles, no blood to draw.
  • Require no clothes to be removed.
  • Take as little as 20 minutes to administer.
  • Provide completely confidential individual test results.
  • Are administered by Board- Certified Vascular Specialists.


CIMT Measurement

  • Measures the inner layers of the carotid artery to diagnose¬†cardiovascular disease and vascular age.

Cartoid Artery Screening

  • Tests for blockages and athleroslcerosis in the arteries, which can cause a stroke.

Peripheral Vascular Screening

  • Checks for poor circulation and athleroslcerosis in the arteries of the legs, which may also indicate an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening

  • Left undetected, aortic aneurysms can rupture, producing a less than 15% chance of survival.


  • Ultrasound of the heart can identify the function and structures of the heart. This test can pinpoint any previous damage to the heart muscle and can evaluate the current function of the heart.

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