The Leading Cause of Death.

Heart and vascular disease is the leading cause of death, and a major cause of disability, for Americans and is the single most expensive medical condition for businesses, projected to cost over $503 billion in direct medical expenses and lost productivity in this year alone.
We are your Low-Impact Solution to High-Impact Healthcare Costs.


Using the very latest ultrasound technology, coupled with our highly-trained, board-certified vascular specialists, we can administer a comprehensive, pain-free, completely non-invasive procedure in as little as 20 minutes.

This same battery of tests that Cardiologists charge up to $5,000 to administer, we can perform for a mere fraction of the cost.

And just like our services, we’re low-impact on your workflow. We work with your human resource, safety and/or medical staff to sign up and schedule team members, requiring minimal space within your workplace for set-up and screening. You’ll receive a full executive summary report and your team members will receive a comprehensive, confidential report for their healthcare provider.

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