Cardiovascular Disease is

The Nation's Leading Cause of Death

A Major Cause of Disability

Cardiovascular Disease is

The Most Expensive Medical Condition for Businesses

Expected to Cost over $503 Billion

In Direct Medical Expenses & Lost Productivity

We See

a Better Way.

Our Advanced Ultrasound Technology and

Board-Certified Vascular specialists can perform a

Comprehensive, Pain-Free, completely

Non-Invasive Procedure in as little as 20 Minutes.

You'll See

the Difference.

The same battery of tests

that Cardiologists charge up to $5,000 to administer

We administer for a fraction of the cost!


to your Workflow

EASY SIGN UP & Scheduling of Team Members

We work with your Human Resource, Safety and/or Medical Staff


within your Workplace for Setup and Screening

Some of Our Clients

  • Snap On Client
  • Loreal client
  • AHH client
  • Nabholz Client
  • Kimberly Clark Client
  • Vikase Client
  • Future Fuel client
  • Nidec Client

Our Advanced Ultrasound Screening

  • Is completely pain-free.

  • Requires no needles, no blood to draw.

  • Requires no clothes to be removed.

  • Takes as little as 20 minutes to administer.

  • Provides completely confidential individual test results.

  • Is administered by Board-Certified Vascular Specialists.

  • Is performed right in your facility.

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